NextGen Environmental Communications with Alexis Madrigal and Sarah Rich

Alexis Madrigal and Sarah Rich visited my class “Environmental Communications in the Anthropocene” to share their experiences successfully riding new waves of media in recent years. Both consider themselves of the same generation as students today, who grew up swimming in an ocean of new media and with concern for nature and the environment a given in their lives. But how best to catch that next wave and communicate those vital stories in today’s rapidly changing media environment? That is the question. To prepare for the class discussion, we read Sarah’s story “Citrus by Design” on the Smithsonian’s website, and Alexis’s story “When Newspapers Were New, or, How Londoners Got Word of the Plague” on The Atlantic website, as well as his piece there on “The Whitewashing of the American Farmer: Dodge Ram Super Bowl Ad Edition.”

Download the podcast for later (61.6 MB), or stream it right now below.