Selected Articles from The New York Times

Science Times
  • “Unlikely Partners Create Plan to Save Ocean Habitat Along with Fishing,” 8 August 2006.
  • “Second Thoughts for a Designer of Software That Aids Conservation,”  21 September 2004.
  • “Few Habitats, Many Species and a Debate on Preservation,” 1 July 2003.
  • “Fiscal Accountability Concerns Come to Conservation,” 5 November 2002.
  • “Environmentalists Hail the Ranchers: Howdy, Pardners!” 10 September 2002.
  • “California Maps Network of Open Space as Animal Lifeline,” 28 August 2001
  • “Running Hot in Pursuit of Cancer Treatment, Scientist at Work: John Reed,” 12 December 2000.
  • “Golden Rice in a Grenade-Proof Greenhouse, Scientist at Work: Ingo Potrykus” 21 November 2000.
  • “Unknowns Nag After Fires Near Atomic Sites,” 12 September 2000.
  • “Interloper Ants Keep It All in the Family,” 1 August 2000.
  • “A Deadly Dance on the Steppes of Nevada,” 1 February 2000.
  • “A Romance With a Rain Forest and Its Elusive Miracles, Scientist at Work: Mark J. Plotkin” 30 November 1999.
  • “New Questions Plague Nuclear Waste Storage Plan,” 10 August 1999.
  • “In Arizona Desert, a Bird Oasis in Peril,” 4 May 1999.
  • “Teachers Fight for Darwin’s Place in U.S. Classrooms,” 24 November 1998.
  • “California Floods Change Thinking on Need to Tame Rivers,” 4 March 1997.
  • “River in Nevada Helps Its Own Restoration,” 24 September 1996.
  • “My Garage Balancing Act: One Hybrid, One S.U.V.,” 27 October 2004.
  • “Want Me to Slow Down From 25 Miles an Hours? That’s Not a Problem,” 22 October 2003.
Arts & Ideas
  • “Asking the Do-Gooders to Prove They Do Good,” 3 January 2004
  • “Exploring New Ideas for Making Finances Clearer and Scandals Rarer,” 17 November 2003.
Small Business
  • “A Small Family Business That Started, of Course, in a Garage,” 22 February 2005.
  • “Relief Agencies Retool to Handle Online Flood,” 26 September 2001.
  • “Pulling the Plug on Big Ed’s Live Music Webcasts,” 26 September 2001.
  • “Lasso a Wild Horse and a Posse of Helpers,” 13 June 2001.
  • “Using the Internet to Sell Their Love of a Canyon,” 13 December 2000.
  • “Live From Big Ed’s Roadhouse, Linking Up With a Beat,” 20 September 2000.
  • “On the Web, as Elsewhere, Scientists Prove a Demanding Lot,” 7 June 2000.
  • “Costco Brings Its Big Box Onto the Web, but Cautiously,” 29 March 2000.
Sunday Money & Business
  • Hopscotching at 10,000, Dow Gets Our Attention,” 4 April 1999.
  • “Seeing a Forest to Save the Trees,” 7 March 1999.
  • “For Navajos, Charity Begins at the Post Office: Sales of Catalogue Support Programs,” 12 July 1998.
  • “When a Smorgasbord Replaces a Diet Plate in a 401(k),” 22 February 1998.
  • “Land Rich, but Cash Poor, in the West: With True Grit and Donations, a Scenic Utah Ranch is Saved,” 23 November 1997.
  • “The Greening of Gambling’s Golden Boy, An Improbable Case for a Master Builder: A Clean Environment,” 6 July 1997.
Business Day
  • “Trading This Even Up for That: An Exchange for the General Good Was Better for Some Than Others,” 3 October 1998.
  • “A New On-Line Publisher Promotes Nonfiction on a Pay-Per-Read Basis,” 22 September 1997.
  • “Cultivating the World’s Demand for Seafood,” 1 March 1997.
  • “High-Country Common Ground: In the Sierras, Growth and Preservation Are Not at Odds,” 30 November 1996.
  • “Gold Diggers of 1996: Nevada Mining Shifts Underground to Get the Deep Ore,” 16 November 1996. 
  • “Someday Soon Is Now: Home on the Range With Ian Tyson,” 13 February 1997.
  • “What Does Joy Schott Want? Wall Street is Listening,” 21 March 1999.
  • “Recount Confirms Nevada Senator’s Victory,” 13 November 1998
  • “U.S. to Auction Land Near Las Vegas and Give State the Money,” 25 October 1998.
  • “Novel Use of Clean-Water Loans Brightens Outlook for a River,” 31 October 1996.

High Country News Selected Cover Stories

  • “Who Will Take Over the Ranch?” 29 March 2004.
  • “Can Nevada Bury Yucca Mountain?” 2 July 2001.
  • “Save Our Sagebrush: In the Great Basin, Fires Create a Chance for Redemption,” 22 May 2000.
  • “A Senator For the New West in the Race of His Life,” 28 September 1998.
  • “Planning Under the Gun: Cleaning Up Lake Tahoe Proves To Be a Dirty Business,” 12 May 1997.
  • “The shotgun wedding of tourism and public lands,” 23 December 1996.
  • “Nevada’s Ugly Tug-of-War: A Visit to the Heart of the Sagebrush Rebellion,” 30 October 1995
  • “The Great Basin: America’s Wasteland Seeks a New Identity,” a special issue including the articles: “Scientists Search for Biological Treasures,” “Dave Foreman Sparks Wilderness Drive,”  “A Bitter Rancher and a Failed Compromise,” “County Commissioner Courts Bloodshed,” “Folk Hero Has a Pure White Vision,” “Activist Seeks a Green, Just Nevada,” “Dann Sisters Flout U.S. Law,” “Learning From Las Vegas,”  “Salt Lake City: Is This Still the Place?” “Elko Is Halfway Home,” “Reno Turns Back To the River,” After the Gold Rush,” “A Tale of Two Ranches,” “No Final Solution for Farmers,” “Surprises of Sovereignty,” and “At Home in the Wasteland,” 3 April 1995.
  • “Can Mining Come Clean?” 30 May 1994
  • “Mining Reform: Searching for Common Ground,” 3 October 1993.
  • “The Nuclear Age, 1945: the Beginning; 1992: the Beginning of the End,” 2 November 1992.
  • “Las Vegas: The Boom Craps Out… And the City Has Second Thoughts About Water,” 6 April 1992.
  • “High Noon in Nevada: Forest Service Goes Head-To-Head With an Angry Rancher,” 9 September 1991.
  • “The Bombing of the West,” 6 May 1991.
  • “The Land No One Wanted: The Western Shoshones Look Homeward,” 31 December 1990.

Other Selected Publications

  • “Conservation Is Up in a Down Economy,” High Country News, 12 December 2011.
  • “Are We Consuming Too Much?” Conservation in Practice, April-June 2005.
  • “Win-Win Illusions,” Conservation in Practice, Winter 2004.
  • “Auditing Conservation in an Age of Accountability,” Conservation in Practice, Summer 2003.
  • “Hope for Peace on the Range: Ranchers and Environmentalists Find Common Ground in Thinking About the Future of the Rural West,” Reno News & Review, 30 July 2002.
  • “Nuclear Roulette,” Mother Jones, September/October 2001.
  • “Cowboy Poetry: A Eulogy or a Celebration?” Touchstone, Nevada Humanities Committee, May-July 2001.
  • “Carson High,” River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Fall 2000.
  • “Spreading the Gospel of Fire,” Utah State University Magazine, Summer 2000.
  • “A Day In the Life of Nevadans at the Millennium,” Nevada Appeal, 1999 series.
  • “A Desert Defiled: Is America’s Park System in Trouble? In the Mojave an Unsettling Answer,” Outside, February 1999.
  • Stories and essays from the western United States, Pacific News Service, 1990-1996.
  • Stories and Essays from Brazil, Pacific News Service, 1989
  • “Maria Varela & Ganados del Valle: An Authentic ‘Milagro,’” Mother Jones, January/February 1989.

Online Publications

  • “The Color, Romance, and Impact of the Golden Gate at 75,” The Atlantic, 27 May 2012.
  • “Arteries of Power: How Solar Energy Could Reshape the West,” The Atlantic, 20 March 2010.
  • “Integrate Expectations: An Interview with Integration Advocate Sheryll Cashin,” Grist, 21 March 2006.
  • “A Friendly Conservation: White House to Greens: We Should Totally Do This Again Some Time,” Grist, 2 September 2005.
  • “Reports from the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation,” New West, August-September 2005.
  • “Forgive Us Our Debts: Why Aren’t Conservationists Fighting Poverty?” Grist, 11 August 2005.