“Critical Habitat: A History of Thinking with Things in Nature”

An animal, plant, and mineral are at the heart of this book, along with a person: Paul Ehrlich. The animal is the Bay checkerspot butterfly. The plant is California dwarf plaintain. The mineral is serpentine.

“City Nature”

Nature is unevenly distributed in and across cities despite the fact that much else about cities scales with size. The City Nature project combines spatial analysis of parks and other natural areas in cities with innovative mining of planning document text, photographs, social media and published historical narratives to explore why.

Visit the City Nature website.

“Crowdsourcing for the Humanities: Year of the Bay”

A large collaborative project to crowd-source a new, public environmental history of the Bay Area with libraries, museums, archives, nonprofit organizations, scholars, researchers, the media, and the public during the Year of Bay in 2013.

Visit the Year of the Bay website.